Our Services

Proudly Serving the Ottawa Region – and Beyond!  Since 1966. Primarily, but not exclusively,  serving the National Region, Capital Flagpole specializes in the sales and servicing of flagpoles and accessories.

If you have special requirements, custom flagpoles or custom configurations, call or email us and one of our experienced specialists will serve you. We’ll be glad to provide experienced, knowledgeable advice and suggestions on what will work best for you.

Flagpole Installation

Safety first.  Installing a flagpole properly to a building must be done by experienced and qualified professionals, it is not a simple DIY project.  Capital Flagpole’s experienced team will select the best pole for your building (residential or institutional) and ensure it is installed and fastened in accordance with all government safety features, regulations and protocols.    Careful consideration is given to weather conditions, angle, projection, strength and making sure your flag or banner is forever secure and flies high with pride!  We guarantee it!

Flag Hanging and Removal

Safety first.  Fixed firmly and securely and always at the right angle, Capital Flagpole hangs your flag or banner right, the first time!  We guarantee it.  Capital Flagpole’s experienced team will select the best flag material for all weather conditions, long-term visibility and beautiful outdoor appearance.  Let our insured, experienced professionals hang or remove your flag or banner safely and securely, each and every time.  We guarantee it!

Banner Installation

Safety first.  The experienced professionals at Capital Flagpole understand that banners and flags are different and require different installation and handling techniques.   Once again, this task is not a DIY project.  Our experienced team makes sure your banner won’t fall down!  Ever!  Capital Flagpole takes all environmental conditions into careful consideration.  We understand construction, tear strength and material weight and we never take shortcuts!  We have all the best installation equipment including telescoping boom trucks and access equipment.  We guarantee it!

Contact the pros at Capital Flagpole today for all of your banner and flag needs: capitalflagpoleinc@gmail.com or 613-220-6801

Capital Flagpole Does It Right, The First Time!